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Brent Bozell is so Special

February 10, 2012

We can always rely upon Brent Bozell for some seriously shrill whining. Yesterday it was The Secular Media Vs. Religious Liberty. Bozell is irritated Catholic organizations will be forced to supply contraceptive “insurance” to its employees. Supposedly this is a war on religion even though a mere 51% of Catholic control of a hospital is enough for some to claim it’s a “religious” institution. And this “religious” institution is not above taking secular Medicare “donations” is it? What a hoot.

Guess what Bozell? This so-called war against Christianity is nothing more than you and your buddies wanting special treatment again. There are plenty of people like me who have no religious leanings yet don’t want to “insure” contraception either. But I’m not delusional enough to scream “War!”

Selfishness is Bozell’s game — but more of a collectivist selfishness. His interest group is just so special. Look at us!  — that’s mostly what we hear from him. If he was serious he’d forget the religious angle and concentrate on the absurdity of “insuring” contraception for any person anywhere. We might as well “insure” against toothpaste. Birth control is a normal part of living. Pregnancy is not a disease. There’s no need to mention faith concerning this issue at all. But Bozell and other religious extremists see practically every issue in religious terms. It’s why they speak mostly to the choir.


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